Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helen Graziano


"Words can be as passionate as touch”-- Pablo Neruda

Love’s alphabet intrigues —
A aphrodiasiac, B besame mucho C caresses
A Aphrodite, B bed-ins of the Beats
C the curve of my body turning away,
A lock of hair in a cachet
I strut on the runway of Joy,
Writing couplets in my thongs

Yes to Love
My every and only thing--
Breath, blood, mind, imagination
A dictionary by my bed -- A soulmate in it
— Love triumphant, A pardonable insanity,
It gets us


  1. from Phil Turner:

    "Love Sacred and Profane Three" is reminiscent more of Donne's work than Neruda's. Its boldness of invention is powerful and authentic without ever falling into the imitative. It lacks any serious weaknesses and presents sufficient riches to seduce anyone, especially one who has tried to string together a few lines himself. My favorite line is: "I strut on the runway of Joy, /Writing couplets in my thongs" -- Donne would have appreciated this immensely, but perhaps not so much as I do!

  2. Very nice love poem by a great poet. I especially like the line, "I strut on the runway of joy."--R. T.

  3. I see so many beautiful visual lines in this poem. Each one builds on the next, until the last two lines - like a whisper, a sigh, an exhalation - "yes, we feel this together" - in language that needs no words.

  4. from Whitney Relf:

    Wow! I love the imagery and cleverness of "Love Sacred and Profane." It speaks to my heart!