Friday, January 29, 2010

Karen Klingman


over ripe strawberries bleed into iced lettering
on just delivered heart shaped cake
no name
no address
no telling
someone loves me
but who

local vampire
melancholy grocer
sweet stalker
saint joseph
subtle signs
of fermentation
make me wonder


  1. Being a fan of mysteries, I love the anonymity of who might have sent the cake. It is just enough to keep me guessing, but not enough to stop me from solving the mystery of - chocolate or vanilla? - before I find out who sent the cake. The clue to the sender is in the "subtle signs of fermentation," in that the narrator might know the secret valentine who sent the cake, but wants to hold out a little more to keep the mystery sweet as long as possible.

  2. Something refreshing about this. Do we always need to know who sent it or do we always realize that someone or something is sending us anything at all. Thoughts can become things.

  3. I love the mystery, especially the second verse with its delicious list of possibiities...local vampire, indeed!