Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gabrielle Mittelbach


Like two feathers that have fallen
here by chance. We sit side by side
drained, motionless, eyes barely open
as if we had just spiraled down from
the sky in a locked embrace.
Minutes ago, across the hall, neighbors
shrieked at each other and slammed doors.

On this side of the wall, the fight was
subdued. Two hearts wrestled. Their
arteries and veins constantly tangled
and it was impossible to know
who’s blood was on the floor because
even in this lowest of moments,
we both would claim it to be our own.


  1. This definitely carry the aroma and mystic of the ancient Persian poet Rumi. It generates an abstraction of oneness out of surreal two, May be, as a Sufi would say, a lover is God/Allah to the other. Once in an embrace, none of them are in charge and only love remains. This poem imbibes in Sufi spirit. As Rumi once said ... "your lover lurks in the dark alley behind your window. Do not fret ... he does not control himself. Love does."

  2. Two sides of love - the active and the fading. Yet, it's the quality of love that is most important. The words describing it in here bring the physical and emotional together. Only those involved and experiencing this elusive emotion can understand.

  3. Yet again, I cry with sorrow and joy at your poetry - even when I'm not quite sure it's yours.

  4. Wow, powerful. The truth about many valentines day. Most wouldn't talk about it.

  5. How true, even though most people wouldn't admit that somehow, this is the truth underlying Valentine's Day, over and over, every year, as is every other event designed to celebratre LOVE, whatever it means. I really enjoyed the poem. Congratulations!

  6. Love is a battlefield! And the war-wounded drag themselves out for the V-Day celebrations. The imagery is intriguing--the feathers may be those of eagles gyrating toward Earth in a sharp-talon-locked courtship embrace or fallen angels struck by Cupid's deadly bow. But the drained blood and spirits are all human. Truth-soaked and memorable.