Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jon Epstein


Mr. Cupid was an unfriendly sort
His quiver was filled with sub-machine guns, machetes, and grenades
My heart had bullseye written on it
Right next to the indelible “kick me” sign
And believe me you Jack,
Red on red ain't pretty;
Mangled aortas, and a punctured Vena Cava are no hoot

But the troops came and rallied; first the Cherub Cannabis,
Then followed by the bigger guns: Mrs. Poppy Juice
My riddled heart was temporarily soothed
By the devil's potent salves
But Like a Dutch-boy amputee,
My fingers will surely not number enough,
To plug the holes of my deprived soul


  1. Oh my, not a pretty picture of love. But I relate to this, especially the first stanza and the line, "Right next to the indelible 'kick me' sign..." And yes, with the last 2 lines of the 2nd can be so painful...

  2. I love this poem! I wish I could write like this..

  3. from Phil Turner:

    Cupid's Crosshairs is a smooth, hard poem -- it has an exuberant maleness about it. It's quite powerful and I don't care if I look gay writing that. It reminds a little of Jimmy Santiago Baca's early activist style.

  4. I like it and can relate to the hole-y soul!

  5. I like this poem,very powerful imagery. I can relate to the deprived soul and riddled heart!